Monday, 27 December 2010

The Shining - clip analysis

Suspense is created throughout this clip, through a variety of different techniques.

Use of camera (movement, angle, distance) : Camera is behind the boy so that when he is driving the toy car we are not able to see his face and makes us feel as though we are following the boy around. This makes us as an audience feel uneasy as because the boy is infront of us he is unprotected and this makes us want to be infront to protect him. The camera is slow to build up the suspense as we turn the corner with the little boy, making us worry about what is to come around the corner. 

Sound: At the beginning all we can hear is the sound of the wheels on the carpet and then on the wood floor, but as the clip continues tension building music is heard and grows louder as we turn each corner and then increases even more as the boy stop outside a room. As the boy walks over to the door slowly as if he is scared, the tension and suspense builds up even more as the music gets louder and becomes even more dramatic as he sees the two twin girls. By seeing the two girls there standing still and the music builds up we once again become frightened and on edge as what is to happen. The music sounds like violins and pianos, the short high notes help to build up the tension even more.

Mise En Scene: Th colours of the hotel are bland and don't work well together almost making the setting seem odd and something is not right. The lighting is overly bright and looks as though its going to go out any minute, and doesn't make the audience feel safe and welcome but that something is not right with this little boy being all alone in this big space. The location is set at the very beginning of the clip, and we see the huge isolate building once again building suspense as we then see the small boy all alone in this huge building, making us worried for his safety. 

Editing: The pace of the clip is slow as we follow the boy, this once again builds the tension and suspense further as we want it to be over and the little boy to be safe but going at the slow pace makes us uneasy for longer therefore building more suspense. The clip ends fast as the little boy quickly drives off and we are left behind at the door with the two girls. Showing us that this time he has got away but by leaving us there we know that he will eventually end up back here. 

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