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8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Mise En Scene
In our preliminary task the audience will find it default to understand who is the bad one and what their personality is like because the outfit she was were not suitable for a typical rubber. But in our final film we made sure that the characters wore the right clothes to play up to the stereotypical role of being the drunk victim(short dress)  or the stalker(Black clothes, huddy)The location in the preliminary task did not really reflect on them being in a police station, but in our final film the location was perfect because it shows the night street life along with her being drunk shows that she was out clubbing the alley way was effective because it created tension and  mystery. 
Editing and Use of Camera
In our preliminary we needed to improve on the editing and to use different shots from different angles, but we got to do this in our final. As when we were filming 'The Robbery' we were still unsure  how the shots portrayed the character, but when filming 'First Glance' we knew how to film and edit footage  effectively. The editing in our prelim looks to jumpy and unprofessional because we did use the over the shoulder shot properly we could see people walking behind while we were filming and the worst  thing is  we used a ZOOM in to the  characters face  it didn't link together well. But in our final film, it goes together  and we have used different shots and effects to create a better viewing for the audience and easier to understand. The  split screen make our film look more interesting.

We used soundtrack pro to create the soundtrack.In the prelim it was the first time we  use soundtrack pro on our own,so it was difficult to get used to it  but we learnt from this experience.Our final soundtrack for the prelim created tension. For final film it was easier to create an even more effective feel to our film. Comparing the two films, difference in sound is big because in the preliminary some of the sound effects sounded fake and not natural like the police car sound but in  'First Glance' all the sounds sounded natural goes with the feel of the story and action.
 I think there was big  improvement from our preliminary film to our final film and it was a success  Making the prelim film was a great way of practicing our skills.

7) What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

We use different technologies while we were making our thriller film we learnt a lot about them. 

This was the most important and obvious thing that we needed to use to make our thriller film the video camera.

This clip is an example of how I used the programme 'Soundtrack Pro' to created our sound track using the different sounds that were on the programme already.

This is the tutorial on how to use the editing programme 'Final Cut Pro':

6) Audience feedback and comment

In our lesson we watched everyones thriller film opening, we wrote what we liked about their film and what it could of improved on. These are the words they wrote about our film and how it makes them feel.

This is what what people thought about our film:

4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

We have decided to distribute our film thought social networks like these student :
This is a students short thriller which I found on Youtube called 'Bon Voyage!' is has over 4,000 views.

I think this film is looks very professional for a students film because of the different effects, shots and sounds they use to make it have tension and to make the audience jump.(Which I did when the moster or ghost suddenly came up screaming)

This shows the viewing rates of this film on YouTube as you can see this film has been watched all over the world and it most popular with females age 45-54, males 13-17 and males 35-44. They have also published their film on Facebook which is good because their friend can spread their film all over the web using different social networks attracting different or important people of the film industry I think this information is useful because you can see in which country your film is most popular in and the best thing about YouTube people can leave comments on it about the things they liked and thing they didn't think worked well in our film.

Ask friend to spread your film over their different social networks other than Facebook
Use the adverting bars you find on Facebook to advertise your film. 

This enables you to post your film on blog for different all over the world to see people
You can also tweet important people from film industries your videos link.

This thriller film was posted on vimeo by Shariff Nasr and over 100 people like it. The genre of this film is thriller/horror the use of sound, camera angles and the effects makes the film have suspense
Here are the statistics of the film 'Love Hurts'

Here are some comments people wrote about the short film 'Love Hurts'

You can do the same thing using these social network sites:

Because it is a low budget student film it will be more realistic to release it over the internet but it will get a cinematic screening and shared screenings with our peers.    So we have decided to distribute our film use social networks to attract audience from not only england but from all over the world it will also get a DVD release of 200 copies.

3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Here i have created two collages using different image showing what two of are target audience are interested in:

 Tom is 17 and is a college student. He likes playing on his playstation 3, listening to rock music and playing his electric guitar. In his spear time he likes to play football, go out clubbing and go to the cinema to watch the latest thriller, horror films with his college friends. 

Anne is 19 and is a university student studying fashion. She loves shopping, fashion, clubbing with friends from uni. In her spear time she likes to socializing on Facebook and twitter and listening to new pop music, likes watching murderous passion thrillers. 

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

 Here I will compare the characters from 'First Glance' with two different characters one from the film 'Orphan' and the other from the film 'Sin City'.It shows different ways that our thriller film represents a particular social and with out these stereotypes the audience will not be able to connect with the characters and relate to the character. This is also the key point in being able to attract the right audience to our film.

The Stalker:   

  1. Both of the characters are looking at the camera with an evil looking smile which makes the audience feel uneasy.
  2. Close up of their face to show their expression
  3. Makes the character  look like they have a motive or a plan
  4. Wearing dark clothes making them look sinister 

  1. The girl from the 'Orphan' is a young child this can also confuse the audience because they feel that this child is innocent and harmless but this character is the absolute opposite to this where as in 'First Glance' the stalker is older and we can image her benign evil.
  2. The lighting in 'First Glance' is very dark and we can hardly see the stalker smiling byt this also create the scene of mystery and danger. But in 'Orphan' the lighting is brighter and we can clearly see the characters face clearly this creates the audience to feel that this character knows what she is doing and she is not trying to hide her evilness to some people.   

Image from film 'Orphan'

The victim:
  1. Both of the characters are walking alone this makes them vulnerable with the threat behind them.
  2. Long shot of them walking down the street to show the audience what this person  is like.
  3. Both characters are wearing reveling clothes this shows they are represented as 'slags'

  1. The character in the film 'Sin City' looks like she has more control over her self an she has confidence. But in 'First Glance' she looks out of control too drunk to even walk properly. 
  2. In 'Sin City' the shot is in black and white this creates a dark dangerous effect on the shot leaving the audience confused and uncertain where the woman is good or bad. But in 'First Glance' it is brighter and it looks more natural because of all the street lights creating the effect of city night life. 

EVALUATION 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Fan 
In this film the victim is a man and the stalker is a man to so it changes the convention  of a normal stalker film because usually a men will be stalking a woman this is the same with our film because a both of the victim and the stalker are females.

As you can see here the stalker in our thriller film is a female.

But we were following the technical conventions of thriller films like having establishing shots, showing the main characters, using closes ups.

This image is for the film 'Arlington Road' and the image on the right is from our film "First Glance' both of the shots are low angle shots this is a shot that creates uncertainty over what is happing both of the films also starts straight on the action letting the audience not know what is happening or what has happened before they saw the main character in distress.

Another low angle shot showing the character in distress.

Shot from 'Orphan'

This shot similar to the one above shows the victims front with dark lighting on them but behind them the threat is shown clearly with lighting on them so the audience can see that they are the bad ones  and this make the victims look very venerable before the audience actually see them getting hurt . These shots also make the victims look unaware of what might happened to them because the threat is behind them. 

These two shots shows the victim from behind this shot makes the audience involved in the film because they feel that they are the bad ones following or trying to attract the victims. These shots make the audience focus on this one person because there is no one there other than the victim and this helps the audience to know how it feels to be the threat.   

Friday, 25 March 2011



Making the titles and credits

After struggling for a long time, we decided on the film name First Glance. We feel that it fit in with what the film was about, and also it didn't give away too much about what was happening. Also, we tried to find a name for our 'production company', but there was nothing that we could agree on, so we decided to just use our initials, and come up with the name 'GTMR'.

Also we tried to find a font that wasn't too complicated, and that wasn't too plain. We also wanted it to fit in well with the type of film that ours is. We decided on MS Gothic.

Things that went wrong during filming

There were many things that went wrong during our filming that we hadn't notice while we were actually shooting. The main problem was light. There were many shots that we couldn't use because they were way too dark.

Another problem was the blurry camera. Some of the scenes don't flow properly because some scenes had smooth camera work, and others had a blurry camera.

The worst, and most occuring problem, was people walking into our shots. There were some people who found it funny to purposely stand in the way of our filming, and wave into the camera.

Things like this made it extremely hard to get the filming done, and concentrate on making sure it was done well.

Rough cut evaluation

Based on the rough cut i realised there was aspects that needed to be improved upon.  like to start with i liked the ranges of shots we took and the style in which we used to divide the screen shots. Also the street lights were very accurate to the outlook of what the opening was illustrating.  The jump cuts were also very good, for example were the stalker was following the young lady we saw this from her perspective. I also really liked the scenes setting as this had an effect on the tension and atmosphere created. From the rough cut as well i saw that we desperately needed to add in some sound that complicated our film.  After following our own criticism we further seeked out to ask a group of people for advise and we saw that there was an collating answer of us needing to improve our lighting, So we planned to on the next meeting to make some edits to the lighting.

Room for improvement

After filming some clips for the final opening. there was a range of areas that required tweeking. These areas were not necessarily bad however, in order for us as a group to produce a successful opening we had to ensure there was at least the effort for perfection. For example whilst filming we did several takes on one specific scene, so that when it came to the editing process we had a selection to choose from. This was the case for the beginning of the opening as we saw it as, because it is the start of what the audience see (firstly) it had to set the atmosphere and mood for a good audience engagement.

'First Glance': Adding Sound

Here is our process of 'adding sound' to our final cut of 'First Glance':

Adjusting the volume of different sounds

Cutting down sound

Checking to see that the music flows with the film

Testing sounds and picking the most appropriate

Mixing sounds

Role of actors in the opening

As much as possible the group came to an unanimous decision of the actors reflecting so much on the characters they were playing to the extent that they almost suite the stereotype they reside from. For example :

* The actress - was to come across as societies "slag", which in a way would have caused the reaction amongst the audience of sympathy towards her or even making us question oursleves on the part we play in such situations as humans. Even by the way she stumbles in the camera, seeming so confused and distorted maybe which was down to the previous activity she had been indulging in.

 * The stalker - was to mirror all that we as people see so wrong and confusing about why exactly people choose to stalk others. However, in doing this we ensured that we made the stalkers movement and acting as minimal and sharp as possible so that the audience are left after the opening questioning who and what has driven the stalker to act in this manner. In the short clip the stalker is the most important person as she sort of in a way brings the thriller together and is a key aspect of the suspense created. But as a collective both characters conjoined create an moving atmosphere of the audience gagging to see more.

With the roles of the characters mastered as convincing as possible we also made sure that as a group that an idea concept of the characters attire was as suitable as possible. For example the stalker was dressed in dark clothing that involved the wearing of a hood, which gave off this form of an spooky impression of her being dodgy.

However, though there is an polemical twist of were the stalker instead of being the same old man, we are prone to always see on our movie screens but in ours is a woman. This idea was imitated from the BBC1 drama 'Primeval' were the gender roles were reversed.

Image of the Director Giulietta Grassi giving the 'stalker' some constructive criticism.