Sunday, 13 February 2011


In class we began brainstorming ideas as a group. We focused on the main aspects:
  • Mise En Scene
  • Location/Setting
  • Camera Shots
  • Actors
  • Music/Sound
We made sure to write down all our ideas, so that we'd have lots to choose from and mix together when creating our thriller. We wanted to keep to the quote "give the audience more and character less" making sure that our final movie will be successful in keep the audience's attention. We worked well as a group, and everyone was able to input there own ideas and we were able to adapt one and others ideas further. We made sure that everyones ideas were taken into account and written down, getting the best planning and brainstorming as possible. 

Quote to follow - "Give the audience more and characters less"
Draft Treatment
Ideas Brainstorm

"Must-have Shots"

Mise En Scene, Actors, Location etc

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