Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Watching Documentary

In class we watched a documentary about how to make a film opening successful and the different techniques of being able to.

When Thomas Sutcliffe says "Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible." what he means is that when the film starts the audience should be interested and the key is to make the audience  feel what to know more.
  1.  Director Jean Jacques Beineix says the 'instant arousal' is when

Explain why "a good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it  doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little"
  1. What does critic Stanley Kauffmann describe as the classic opening? Why does this work?
  2. Why is Kyle Copper's title sequence to the film Seven so effective?
  3. What did Orson Welles want to achieve with his opening tot the film A Touch of Evil? What did Universal Studio do to it? Why?
  4. What is mean by "a favourite trick of Film Noir"?  What is the trick?
  5. How does the opening to the film The Shining create suspence?

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