Tuesday, 1 February 2011

RESEARCH: Font Analysis

The presentation of a font presented in a film or anywhere else in fact,  portrays in a way what the material may be about. For example every font gives out an specific idea or story before you even ever watch a film itself.

There are two types of fonts, they are Serif fonts - (Times and Courier), these are a little bit more formal than Sans Serifs. Sans Serif fonts(Ariel and Comic Sans), are more friendly and hip.

In Rocky there was the usage of the Font Franklin Gothic Heavy(Sana Serif), this is interestingly and specifically done to outline the lifestyle and motive of this main "butch" character Rocky who is played by actor Sylvester Stallone. The font used in the film portrays alot of what may be showcased, for example the physical strength of the main character Rocky Balboa and his possible "gentle" sentimentality as he is holding hands with a female whom may be presented as his wife or girlfriend. The fact that the font is place so powerfully on the films cover ignites that the film is targetted at a wide audience of "soft" and "hard" people.

"Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say words"

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