Wednesday, 2 February 2011


 This is the opening sequence of the film ‘Memento’ (2000). The black background with the bold blue capital lettered writing suggests that this film is going to be sad the music had the same effect because of the slow classical music. The picture that the character is holding shows a body like object on the floor with blood on all over the wall next to it from this point we know that this film will also be about murder. As we gone on watching the clip we realise every time he shakes the picture is fading instead of showing the picture clearly this confuses the audience but as we see him put the film back into the camera with understand that the clip is playing backwards same with the extreme close up of the blood dripping up in stead of down. When the gun comes back up from the ground to his hand the is a sharp whoosh sound after we see that he has actually killed someone before taking the picture of him lying dead on the floor. I think this film opening use of playing the clip backward is very clever because we are able to see the end result of him had killed his victim at the very beginning of this clip without making the audience know who has done it also makes to audience believe that the person holding the picture is a police or something because he has taken a picture of the crime scene but at end to the clip the audience are aware that he was actually the killer.

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