Friday, 25 February 2011

Mise En Scene: Clothing

We wanted our characters to be easy to identify. The 'victim' in our thriller opening is supposed to have been coming out of a club, trying to get home, despite being heavily intoxicated. We wanted her to obviously seem this way, so we chose her outfit to make her look as partyish and almost slutty as possible.

We chose a tight & short black dress for her. This is a classic dress that is easily available and always seen on people at parties. The tightness and shortness add to the girl being seen as slutty.

We've chosen fishnets/ripped tights to make her have more skin on show, and have it seem as if she has fallen over and had her tights ripped in the process.

An obvious choice to complete her outfit is a pair of high heels. The victim will be seen struggling to walk in these shoes and stumbling down the road. The fact that she is in high heels adds to her vulnerability, and being seen as a target.

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