Friday, 11 February 2011

Prelim: What Went Wrong

Many things went wrong whilst making our Preliminary film, we took account of all our mistakes, making sure that when filming our thriller opening we don't make the same mistakes.

  • One of our main problems with our final prelim, was that many of the shots did not have the actress (Tyler) in the centre of the screen, meaning that when someone is to watch our prelim there whole focus will not be on the character but they may be more focussed on other happenings in the shot.
  • Use of shots - we didn't film enough variety of shots (e.g. mid shots, close ups, extreme close ups, cutaways) meaning we had less choice of shots when it came to editing, making our prelim less interesting and making it more basic. For our thriller opening, we want to make sure this is not the case, making sure the opening holds the audiences attention with a wide variety of shots
  • We couldn't use titles in our final prelim, as we created the titles and soundtrack in two different ways and then tried to add them both into final cut pro, but the process didn't work meaning we had to scrap the titles. For our final thriller opening, we need to make sure that as a group we edit the correct way and follow the instructions Jo and Bernard have told us. 
  • Panning was not sleek and steady, but was shakey and too slow. We need to make sure for our thriller opening that it flows smoothly and doesn't take up too much time. 
Over all the filming was an enjoyable experience and I learnt alot from doing it, the mistakes we made help us to realise what to be careful of when filming our final thriller opening. 

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