Tuesday, 1 February 2011

SKILLS:Camera Introduction

This Lesson was solely based on us being introduced to the camera at a in depth scale. We were informed on all the aspects that would be needed when we'd be filming our thrillers, this was from how to do such "simple" things as teh insertion of an memory card to the careful dealing of the camera itself. Along with this new found introduction was also the rules and regulations of the success in using an camera productively, this particularly consisted of how you as an director and camera person used the camera to used to reach certain results, like buttons we were to familiarise ourselves with, such as the zoom and record, as so it could be activately used at the correct time of filming.

 With many cameras and filming productions come Tripods - this is what mainly assists the cameras stability and gives it an overall look out of a surrounding during filming, for example a landscape view. In this part of our teaching of a camera we were told:

~ How important the positioning of a tripod is during filming
~ Ensure the camera is firmly but securely connected to the tripod
~ To remove the camera off teh tripod is to be done in a ordely fashion e.g make sure the lever is pulled away whilst you press an red button and slowly but consciously you take the camera off (this method maybe performed by no more than two)

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