Thursday, 3 February 2011

Editing: Lurpak Advert

In class we were shown an advert for Lurpak butter, which uses detailed editing to make an every day activity seem interesting and exciting. This is done through the use of close up and point of view shots making the audience feel as if they have never experienced this every day activity, this use of intricate detail makes the audience pay attention to each different part of the advert. Another way in which the advert is made unique and attractive is through music, as the music is bold and creates tension which builds up suspense for what is to come. I like the way it uses sound to make something as simple as dropping butter in a pan and lighting a stove, seem exciting and interesting. I think this advert is extremely successful and I want to make sure that our group makes an opening which is just as attractive and thrilling to its target audience. 

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