Monday, 14 February 2011

Mise En Scene Planning

As a group we looked at mise en scene, focussing mainly on costume and make-up. First we researched in detail a costume and make-up for the drunk victim (Rosetta). We decided she would need to be wearing little amount of clothes, to show her drunken/drugged up state and that her make up would need to be over the top and smudged. 

 'Victim' Costume Ideas:

Fake Gold Hoop Earrings

Fishnet Tights

Smudged Eye-Shadow Effect

Red Lipstick, False Eyelashes and Over the top eye-shadow

High Stiletto Heels

Then we began to research 'The Stalker' (Tyler) Costume ideas, we decided she should be wearing all black simple clothes, that make her mysterious and dangerous, a coat with a hood and a black scarf. We have decided on no extreme make-up as we do not want her face to be to bold.

Stalker Costume Ideas:

Mens Hooded Leather Jacket

Black Goves and Scarf
Plain Black Trousers

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