Monday, 24 January 2011

'DEAD CALM' - A Title Sequence Which Inspires Me

A title sequence which inspires me is thriller 'DEAD CALM' (1989). I think this title sequence is successful because of many techniques of which have been used to set the mood of the film and gain the audiences attention. 

The sequence starts of with very subtle spooky music and white titles appearing on a completely black screen. Followed by this is the movie title, "DEAD CALM" which slowly comes in across the screen in a bold red font, the two words overlap eachother and fit into place on the middle of the screen as the ghost-like music slowly gets louder. I find this entrance of the movie title very effective, as it sets a scary atmosphere and the contrast between the red and black makes the viewer think of blood and hints at what is yet to come. The way in which the title sequence is on a black screen is done successfully, as the movie does not need any moving images or people but has been able to use just text, colours and music to get the audience wanting to watch on. 

The title sequence carries on as such, with the white titles slowly moving forward on the black screen. Yet again, the movies takes little and makes it interesting and exciting to the audience. The music slowly changes from scary sounds to a train moving, a transition from calm to loud which helps to build tension and take the audience from one place to another, bringing them successfully into the film. 

As we are introduced to the film and characters, and the titles are stopped, the spooky quiet music begins to build up again as sailors rush around the train station. I think that the end of the title sequence leaves the viewer wanting more and thrilled as to what is yet to come. I think the title sequence is successful and has used senses to excite and capture the audience. 

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