Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Introduction to Editing: SKILLS

In class we had a lesson on Editing. We were first introduced to the programme that we will be using throughout the year to edit our film, which is called Final Cut Pro. I have never used this programme to me so it was very new but surprisingly easy to pick up the skills we needed to know. We were taught many tools and buttons to use to make our editing successful.
Final Cut Pro
  • First we were taught how to save our clips onto the Mac from the video drive and then how to import them into Final Cut Pro
  • We were then taught how to delete, cut and put our clips into order
  • We were shown how to add in transitions, which connected clips to one and other to make the sequence flow smoothly and make the movie more interesting
  • we were shown how to add sound effects and titles into our movie, and other effects that would be useful for our movie in the future
We were then able to play around on the programme, and get used to editing clips and adding in extras. I enjoyed the lesson as I found it enjoyable to be able to edit our movie and add sound effects and titles making it more professional. It was a useful lesson as when we come to creating our final thriller opening, it will be much easier and we will have come to grips with editing successfully. 

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