Friday, 21 January 2011

Thriller clip analyses

This clip is from the film 'What lies beneath' first we see the woman coming up the stairs then suddenly stopping and looking over to some where and form the point it creates suspense because the audience are not able to see what she  is looking at but then the camera slowly turns around to a door which is open a little with steam coming out from it this creates a feeling of mystery and we are able to see the steam clearly because the room is lit dimly. The creaky sound when the door open is a commonly use sound in most horror or thriller movies to make us feel uneasy.  

This point of view shot makes the audience feel like they are going in to the bathroom making feel vulnerable.  The audience are unable to see the bathroom clearly because of the white stem.

 Having her reflection in the baths water with a space o the right of her suggest that we might see something else, other than her reflection. The sound made when we see the ghost will shock the audience because they would expect the sound to suddenly come up.

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