Saturday, 29 January 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

Many different fonts are used in movies to portray the theme of the movie. Fonts are a key factor when making a movie, as they are used for advertising and credits, and the font is one of the big factors into attracting an audience to your film.

In class we learnt about the two different types of fonts:

- Serif Fonts - (A serif is a small extra detail at the end of each stroke of every letter) - Usually more traditional and slightly more formal than Sans Serif Fonts. E.g Times and Courier

- Sans Serif Fonts - (Without A serif) -  Usually more informal, modern and "friendly". E.g. Arial and Comic Sans

In class we looked at two different fonts used in movies, one being a Serif Font and the other being a Sans Serif Font.

The first font was from the movie 'Pearl Harbour', which used a Serif Font and has been designed especially for the film. We can see that the font is old fashioned, and therefore connotes that the movie is set in a past time. The CAPS lined up font connotes a regimental style, just like that of the army or marines and therefore implies something of the film. The font looks historical and formal, showing that the film is an adult film and should appeal to its target audience. The font used represents the movie and has been specifically designed to show the type of movie it is and make sure it is attractive to its specific target audience. 

The second font was from the movie 'Rocky' which uses a Sans Serif font. It is completely different from the 'Pearl Harbour' font. This font is bold and sticks on the page, this being the aim of the font, to attract and stand out to its target audience. However the font tells us two different things, the first showing us how strong and masculine Rocky is and the second it shows us his 'softer side' which matches with the picture of him with his girlfriend. This is done through the font, as Sans Serif fonts are often used in informal ways e.g. girls magazines, children's sites, and the use of this font for 'Rocky' shows us that although he looks strong and hard on the outside he has a soft interior. Along with this as the big bold font is squeezed onto the page, it symbolizes how big his strength and power is. The font is informal and stands out, relating to its target audience. 

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