Friday, 21 January 2011

Introduction To Editing and Sound Lesson

In this lesson we learnt how to use Live Type, Final Cut, and Soundtrack Pro.

In Soundtrack Pro, we were shown all the different things we could use to get a certain sound, and we were shown how to mix different sounds together, and how to change the volume of each piece so that they fit together perfectly so that we can get the right atmosphere, and sound we desire. There are many different things we were introduced to, for us to achieve the sounds we wanted. Some of the options included; Sound Effects, Instruments, Genre, and even a Custom option for us to create our own sounds.

Live Type is a programme which is used to add titles onto your movie. This is a fairly easy programme to use. We were shown how to select the type of text we wanted to use, out of many different styles given. You can choose from Normal Fonts which would be found in Microsoft Word, Animated Backgrounds for fonts, and 'Live Fonts'. Live Fonts are fonts which are really comical. There are a lot of Live Fonts to choose from, including 'Chance' which is like a gambling machine type font. 'String' which is a moving handwriting type font, and 'TV Up', which is a font which comes up in the form of a TV. Below are examples of these fonts.



Final Cut Pro is the main programme which is used for editing. This is the programme where you input all your clips, and cut them together the way you'd like them to look. In Final Cut Pro, you can also add effects to your movie. These include Fades, Split Screens, and Wipe effects. These add to the technicality of your film. In our lesson, we were shown how to put clips together, how to shorten them to your needs, and how to add effects on them. 

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