Friday, 21 January 2011

Title sequence which inspires me


The title sequence for the film 'Seven' inspires me the most because it uses different techniques to create tension and mystery. The fonts used in this title sequence add to the atmosphere of the film quick, flashy with a font that looks like messy hand writing. The flashing of the screen also creates the same effect as the writing the screeching sound as well. The extreme close ups shows the audience exactly what this person is doing almost perfectly which shows that this person is used to doing these things the different picture will start to cause the audience to be suspicious especially when he scribes over a picture of some boys face with a big black marker then while still showing the picture he scribed on a red transparent screen comes up which might signify death or blood. This is also when the music gets faster and louder the extreme close up of him wiping the needle can signify him wiping a knife that he might have used to kill his victims. The close up of him sowing the paper together can mean that he also uses a similar technique to tortures his victims. The use of a dollar shows this film is based in America.  At the beginning of this opening we see that he is opening the books that he is going to use and at the end we see that he is finishing up his work this may show that this in his every day routine as well as murdering people.  

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