Friday, 21 January 2011

Introduction to camera

In this lesson we had an introduction on how to use and how not to use the cameras and the tripods. 

  • First we were shown how to put in and how to take out the battery from the camera, we did the same for the memory card and the most important but simple thing we learnt was how to turn the camera on.

  •  We were shown how to put the camera on the tripod and how to change the height of the tripod so the legs were evenly put up which we found difficult to do strangely enough .
  • Learning how to use the camera correctly and safely was important as well.
  1. Never hold the tripod if the camera is still on it.
  2. Don't touch the camera lens.
  3. Don't use the camera in the rain.
  • We were also shown different and effective shots that could be used in our film and shots that create a different atmosphere by just changing the camera angles. This helped because it gave us information on how to make a successful film and have good shots. 

    Camera Shots:

    Establishing shot
    This shot shows the audience where the film in based and where it is set in. 

    Eye-Level Camera angle

    This shot is when the camera is placed at exactly the height and place of where the character is and this shows what that character can see (the average human eye level) which makes the audience fell that they are in the same space as the character and makes them fell more involved in that scene.

    Low camera angle

     In this shot the camera is places below the character which makes the character seem more powerful, strong and intimidating. This shot is also useful when a hero is show in a low angle shot because this will make the viewers admire and respect the character.

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