Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How suspense is created in The Shining.

In The Shining, there are many different ways that suspense is created. The main ways that suspense is built up is by the use of Camera Angles and Sound. I am going to Analyse the Maze scene which brings the film to an end, and i am going to talk about how this scene creates tension in us, as viewers.

The above video is the scene that i'm going to talk about. Firstly the setting makes us feel tense. It is dark outside, and the area is full of snow. There is nowhere to hide as the snow is so bright. We wonder how Danny is going to be able to to hide from his father.

Once Danny and Jack have entered the Maze, we are then full of tension and suspense is instantly built due to the camera angles. There are quite a few Point Of View shots which put the viewers in the position of Danny. We are then on edge as we dont know what is around each corner.

Near to the end of this scene, the noises coming out of Jack's mouth become less human and more animalistic. This makes us more on edge as we can hear Jack losing his sense of humanity and it is a scary thing to witness.

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