Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Seven'' - a title sequence that inspires me

This is the opening sequence for the film 'Seven'. This is a really effective thriller opening which i found inspiring for the ideas i came up with for the group's own film. I think that this opening is a great way of drawing in the viewers, and building up questions in their mind as to what the film is about, and what will actually happen throughout.

David Fincher was very smart in the way that he filmed this opening. The lightning is very dark and dramatic, with only subtle hints of lighting, so that it is hard for us to see properly. There are also many shadows which help create mystery in the sequence. There are many different close ups, so we can see all different aspects of the location, and what the character is doing. The credits make for a really interesting part of the film. The font is really simple, and small, in a basic font, but the way it comes onto the screen, and the way that it is flickering on the screen really interests me.

There is an edit of red into the background of this clip, which makes the viewers automatically think of blood. This also a good way of making people question what is going on. The use of mise en scene is extremely important in this opening. The close ups further exaggerate the things used. There are many types of paper and fonts shown, which then lead us to the conclusion that the person is making a book. The  clip where the person is highlighting words in the newspaper article makes us think that the person is targeting someone.

This thriller opening inspires me because it says alot, and draws viewers in, but it also doesn't give too much away.

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