Friday, 28 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis - 'Marathon Man'

In lesson we were told to get into small groups and analyse a title sequence, our group chose 'Marathon Man', a 1976 film starring actor Dustin Hoffman. We had to watch the film a few times over to get all the information we needed, here is a rough title sequence timeline:

0.0 - START

0.05 - Production Company (The movie opens with the production and distribution companies. The famous Paramount logo is the first thing to come on screen making the audience aware of who has produced this film)

0.16 - Paramount Pictures Presents

0.20 - Production and Distribution companies

0.23-0.41 - Footage of historical runner

0.45-0.59 - Actor Credits (As actor is running)

1.00 - Film Title - 'Marathon Man' (Comes across screen slowly as if running along with the man who is running)

1.23 - Co-starring Actors Credits

1.29-1.32 - Music

1.35 - Production Design

1.38 -  Associate Producer

1.42 - Director of Photography

2.04 - Screenplay

2.08 - Produced By

2.13 - Directed By

3.02 - END

I think this is a succesfull title sequence, as it sets up what the film is about but doesn't give too much away. It shows us the most important people who have been involved in the film and also introduces the title of the film in a way that is relevant to the theme of the film.

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