Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lurpak ad Sequence

This lurpak makes the  simple thing of making an omelet have tension and some suspense by using different techniques and effects. It takes a very simple everyday activity making omelet feel very different than normal because this advert uses extreme close ups, cut aways of different objects that are in the kitchen and when he uses these things. The music used creates tension though out the advert because it sound like a church song it almost sound like music they would use in space film going to a new planet or something this also creates the sense of uncertainty, a new experience and something unfamiliar just as we humans going to a different planet. When the knifes are shown we can hear the sound effects knifes hitting each other.

I think this shot is the most effective scene was when he turns on the fire then it cuts to the fire turning on in slow motion and this seems that the fire is coming toward the viewers which makes them feel uneasy.

This make the audience feel even smaller than the eggs. 

The slowmotion of the man breaking the egg  creates tension because the viewers can see the same action with more detail and it's the same thing when he puts the butter in the pan.

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