Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

 Here I will compare the characters from 'First Glance' with two different characters one from the film 'Orphan' and the other from the film 'Sin City'.It shows different ways that our thriller film represents a particular social and with out these stereotypes the audience will not be able to connect with the characters and relate to the character. This is also the key point in being able to attract the right audience to our film.

The Stalker:   

  1. Both of the characters are looking at the camera with an evil looking smile which makes the audience feel uneasy.
  2. Close up of their face to show their expression
  3. Makes the character  look like they have a motive or a plan
  4. Wearing dark clothes making them look sinister 

  1. The girl from the 'Orphan' is a young child this can also confuse the audience because they feel that this child is innocent and harmless but this character is the absolute opposite to this where as in 'First Glance' the stalker is older and we can image her benign evil.
  2. The lighting in 'First Glance' is very dark and we can hardly see the stalker smiling byt this also create the scene of mystery and danger. But in 'Orphan' the lighting is brighter and we can clearly see the characters face clearly this creates the audience to feel that this character knows what she is doing and she is not trying to hide her evilness to some people.   

Image from film 'Orphan'

The victim:
  1. Both of the characters are walking alone this makes them vulnerable with the threat behind them.
  2. Long shot of them walking down the street to show the audience what this person  is like.
  3. Both characters are wearing reveling clothes this shows they are represented as 'slags'

  1. The character in the film 'Sin City' looks like she has more control over her self an she has confidence. But in 'First Glance' she looks out of control too drunk to even walk properly. 
  2. In 'Sin City' the shot is in black and white this creates a dark dangerous effect on the shot leaving the audience confused and uncertain where the woman is good or bad. But in 'First Glance' it is brighter and it looks more natural because of all the street lights creating the effect of city night life. 

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