Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The Fan 
In this film the victim is a man and the stalker is a man to so it changes the convention  of a normal stalker film because usually a men will be stalking a woman this is the same with our film because a both of the victim and the stalker are females.

As you can see here the stalker in our thriller film is a female.

But we were following the technical conventions of thriller films like having establishing shots, showing the main characters, using closes ups.

This image is for the film 'Arlington Road' and the image on the right is from our film "First Glance' both of the shots are low angle shots this is a shot that creates uncertainty over what is happing both of the films also starts straight on the action letting the audience not know what is happening or what has happened before they saw the main character in distress.

Another low angle shot showing the character in distress.

Shot from 'Orphan'

This shot similar to the one above shows the victims front with dark lighting on them but behind them the threat is shown clearly with lighting on them so the audience can see that they are the bad ones  and this make the victims look very venerable before the audience actually see them getting hurt . These shots also make the victims look unaware of what might happened to them because the threat is behind them. 

These two shots shows the victim from behind this shot makes the audience involved in the film because they feel that they are the bad ones following or trying to attract the victims. These shots make the audience focus on this one person because there is no one there other than the victim and this helps the audience to know how it feels to be the threat.   

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