Monday, 21 March 2011

Things I Learnt When Filming

I learnt many things when filming, both technical and non-technical:
  • I learnt how to use lighting, and how to use it when filming. It helped to make dark shots subtly lighter and this had a great affect when filmed on camera, making the shot seem more spooky dangerous.
  • I learnt not to waste time by making drastic decisions. For example whilst filming we realised there might of been a better location a few bus rides away, so instead of thinking it through and thinking of the time we would waste, we jumped on a bus anyway. Little did we know that the location was too dark and there was no way we could film there without using light in each shot. This meant another bus ride back to our original location, wasting an hour of our time that we could of been filming
  • I learnt how to zoom successfully and steadily, making sure that I have the camera in focus and that the details I want are shown accurately
  • I learnt that is always best to plan out each shot and movement before filming, so that there is a complete plan of what to film so that you can tick of as you go. As we left the planning till half way through and it made it very difficult to get decent shots as we were planning as we went. I saw this link, Film Director's planning advice,  after our first filming session, this made me realise how important planning is and how you can never do enough of it. This was a great help as for our next evening of filming as I made sure we made a plan before beginning shooting. 
  • I learnt that different shots take different affects on the audience and that I should've researched more the different types of tension building shots
  • I learnt to be more prepared when it comes to filming, especially as we were filming at night time and we were not prepared for the effects of how the footage might turn out as it was very dark. 

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