Friday, 25 March 2011

Role of actors in the opening

As much as possible the group came to an unanimous decision of the actors reflecting so much on the characters they were playing to the extent that they almost suite the stereotype they reside from. For example :

* The actress - was to come across as societies "slag", which in a way would have caused the reaction amongst the audience of sympathy towards her or even making us question oursleves on the part we play in such situations as humans. Even by the way she stumbles in the camera, seeming so confused and distorted maybe which was down to the previous activity she had been indulging in.

 * The stalker - was to mirror all that we as people see so wrong and confusing about why exactly people choose to stalk others. However, in doing this we ensured that we made the stalkers movement and acting as minimal and sharp as possible so that the audience are left after the opening questioning who and what has driven the stalker to act in this manner. In the short clip the stalker is the most important person as she sort of in a way brings the thriller together and is a key aspect of the suspense created. But as a collective both characters conjoined create an moving atmosphere of the audience gagging to see more.

With the roles of the characters mastered as convincing as possible we also made sure that as a group that an idea concept of the characters attire was as suitable as possible. For example the stalker was dressed in dark clothing that involved the wearing of a hood, which gave off this form of an spooky impression of her being dodgy.

However, though there is an polemical twist of were the stalker instead of being the same old man, we are prone to always see on our movie screens but in ours is a woman. This idea was imitated from the BBC1 drama 'Primeval' were the gender roles were reversed.

Image of the Director Giulietta Grassi giving the 'stalker' some constructive criticism.

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