Friday, 18 March 2011

Things that i learnt during the filming process

When i first started thinking about our filming, i thought that it would be easy in some aspects. As the process began, i started to realise that i was wrong, and there were many things i had yet to learn. Some of these things began to appear obvious from the moment things started to mess up, but some things took a while to notice, and sink in.

  • The first thing i learnt was that we had to plan out each shot carefully before we did it. There were many times where we would just stand around, and think of what to do, and there were also times where we'd just have an idea pop into our head, and then try film it, even though we probably didn't need it, which led to alot of time being wasted.

  • The second and most important thing i learnt, was that lighting is the key thing to consider when filming. There were many times where we'd film a scene which would go extremely well, but we wouldn't be able to use it because the lighting was too dark for us to see anything. Below is an example of the lighting problems.

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