Monday, 14 March 2011

Things that went wrong while filming

While filming we learnt alot about the things that don't work and we knew that we went wrong in some of our shots:

In this shot someone walks passed while we were filming this type of the happened quite alot because there was so many people around Liverpool street so if we got to it again we will chose a place that will not that busy.

Here you can see that some man decided to wave into to the camera while we  were film which was very annoying because that was a good shot we had of the character walking up towards the camera.
This was a shot that had a good reaction of the character going into the alley while drooping her bottle that smashed on the floor and then her falling on the floor but the camera suddenly went blurry so we couldn't use this clip. 

Here I thought the lighting in this shot wasn't good because it  just looks to bright on her face and it  doesn't create a scary atmosphere.  
In this shot we can clearly see the stalker when she ducks down when the victim turns around looking over her left shoulder which I thought was funny. 
Then in this close up shot of the victim turning around doesn't have continuity with the shot above because she looks over her right shoulder instead of her left shoulder.  

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