Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Soundtrack Inspiration

For our soundtrack we wanted to find a beat that was dark and mysterious, and in a way reflected upon the concept we had for the thriller, making the audience aware of the danger in the film. As a group we decided that our soundtrack should begin quick and then get louder as the opening continues building up suspense and tension, making the audience aware of something bad that is to take an turn for the worst. We looked at many different artists and instrumentals when trying to get some ideas of what beats we liked, here are some examples that were crucial to our soundtrack experimenting:

We found all of the examples above good and fitting for our thriller opening, which meant we had many great ideas for how our soundtrack should sound and what the pace of the music should be making sure it fits with our thriller. 

However, due to copywrite we were unable to use these and so we just used them as inspiration instead for the instrumental we were to create.

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