Friday, 25 March 2011

Rough cut evaluation

Based on the rough cut i realised there was aspects that needed to be improved upon.  like to start with i liked the ranges of shots we took and the style in which we used to divide the screen shots. Also the street lights were very accurate to the outlook of what the opening was illustrating.  The jump cuts were also very good, for example were the stalker was following the young lady we saw this from her perspective. I also really liked the scenes setting as this had an effect on the tension and atmosphere created. From the rough cut as well i saw that we desperately needed to add in some sound that complicated our film.  After following our own criticism we further seeked out to ask a group of people for advise and we saw that there was an collating answer of us needing to improve our lighting, So we planned to on the next meeting to make some edits to the lighting.

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