Thursday, 24 March 2011

'First Glance': Creating Titles

As we come to the end of our editing process, we are now focussing on the titles for our final thriller opening, 'First Glance'. We wanted to create titles that were not too simple, but make sure that they connotated a dangerous atmosphere and made sure that the audience can recognise the type of film that they can expect. We chose our font for the rolling credits to be 'MS Gothic'. As we think this shows the audience that it is a thriller film and will be filled with tense moments and shots. 

Here are some screen shots of our progress:

Trying out different fonts

Choosing our font (Ms Gothic) and our size (25)

Adding the title into the movie, next to the picture of our main actress (Rosetta)

Adding in the name of our production company

Adding in dissolve effects on each different title

Adding the Candi I-dent to the beginning of the film

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