Sunday, 13 March 2011


On The Friday night we all met up at Liverpool Station at 7pm, however our actress couldn't make the shoot so we had to re-schedule and go all the way back home in the freezing cold. So we re-arranged to meet at the much earlier time of 5pm, so that we could take some pictures and get filming early. We arrived at the station and began taking pictures and planning out all our shots, making sure that we knew exactly what we were doing, when and where. At first it was a struggle, as it was freezing cold and the streets were too crowded to film without people waving at the camera and walking into shots, so we waited it out and eventually it calmed down and we got into some good filming. After a good hour, ideas began flowing in and gradually our shots and film began improving drastically, and the more motivated we got the more ideas came. After 4 long hours, we called it a wrap, we looked over our shops in a cafe and filmed a few cut-aways before making our separate ways back home. Here are some pictures of our group in action:

Rosetta and Tyler

Mika, Rosetta and Tyler reviewing the last shots 

Talking Over 

Trying out possible cut-aways

Tyler, Giulie and Rosetta 

Introducing 'the stalker' shot

Mastering the low angle shot

Filming long shots

Deciding how to film in the alley

Choosing the opening shot

Rosetta entering alleyway

'The stalker' point of view shot

Our Group: Giulie, Mika, Rosetta and Tyler

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