Wednesday, 30 March 2011

8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Mise En Scene
In our preliminary task the audience will find it default to understand who is the bad one and what their personality is like because the outfit she was were not suitable for a typical rubber. But in our final film we made sure that the characters wore the right clothes to play up to the stereotypical role of being the drunk victim(short dress)  or the stalker(Black clothes, huddy)The location in the preliminary task did not really reflect on them being in a police station, but in our final film the location was perfect because it shows the night street life along with her being drunk shows that she was out clubbing the alley way was effective because it created tension and  mystery. 
Editing and Use of Camera
In our preliminary we needed to improve on the editing and to use different shots from different angles, but we got to do this in our final. As when we were filming 'The Robbery' we were still unsure  how the shots portrayed the character, but when filming 'First Glance' we knew how to film and edit footage  effectively. The editing in our prelim looks to jumpy and unprofessional because we did use the over the shoulder shot properly we could see people walking behind while we were filming and the worst  thing is  we used a ZOOM in to the  characters face  it didn't link together well. But in our final film, it goes together  and we have used different shots and effects to create a better viewing for the audience and easier to understand. The  split screen make our film look more interesting.

We used soundtrack pro to create the soundtrack.In the prelim it was the first time we  use soundtrack pro on our own,so it was difficult to get used to it  but we learnt from this experience.Our final soundtrack for the prelim created tension. For final film it was easier to create an even more effective feel to our film. Comparing the two films, difference in sound is big because in the preliminary some of the sound effects sounded fake and not natural like the police car sound but in  'First Glance' all the sounds sounded natural goes with the feel of the story and action.
 I think there was big  improvement from our preliminary film to our final film and it was a success  Making the prelim film was a great way of practicing our skills.

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