Friday, 4 March 2011

Scary Shots

The Shining

This shot for the film 'The Shining' is a low  angle shot which makes the door look big and scary. The dark dim light also creates a sense of mystery of what the red writing means or what is going to be behind that door.  

This image is from the film the Omen and I think that the image is scary because of the bright white back ground which makes the trees the bog and the dog look dark. This image shows a boy on swing with his dog sitting near him will normally mean to look innocent and harmless but we get the feeling that some thing just isn't right with this boy and his dog. It looks like the boy is glaring at us and the dark shadow on his face makes him look evil and sinister. The dog also looks evil because we can't really see it's face and eyes properly but we can just about able to see the dogs mouth is open this makes the dog even more threatening and the smoke like fog around it changes the whole atmosphere.    

The shot is from the film 'Paranormal Activity' this shot has a night camera effect which make the people look like they are watched by someone. The open door on the left creates the feeling of fear because it is darker on the over side of the door and we wouldn't know what is going to come out while the people are sleeping. 

This image is from the film 'The Ring' this shot is scary because the girl is coming out from somewhere very dark and her pale skin and dead like face makes us feel uneasy she also looks like she is coming towards us.

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