Tuesday, 5 April 2011

3) Who would be the audience for your media product.

I think that the type of person who would be interested in our media film is somebody who likes to watch unconventional films. This person wouldn't normal fit into any sort of crowd. They are really individual, and they don't make decisions based on other people. This is because our film is about a female who becomes obsessed with, and stalks other girls. In any other normal film, you'd expect the stalker to be male, if they were stalking female. Below are two character profiles of people who i think would stereotypically enjoy this film.

Male, 19, aspiring journalist. Loves online blogging, heavy metal music, and shopping in vintage markets. In his spare time, he writes short stories.

Female 23, student at a fashion college. Loves having nights in with a bowl of popcorn, snuggled up on the sofa watching horror movies, likes online blogging, and having girly nights out with her friends.

Now that we've watched our film back, i think that our target audience has stayed the same. We aimed for this film to reach out to people in their late teens, to early thirties, and i think that this still fits the same niche. I also don't really think there is a type of person who'd specifically go out and watch this film. I think this film is really open to a range of different people of all types of age, gender, and interest. There would be different aspects of this film to suit each persons' taste.

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