Wednesday, 6 April 2011

6) Audience feedback and comment

The image above is full of words that were associated with the feedback we received from our class mates who got to see our film. To understand the image is by basically knowing that the bigger words are those that repeatedly came up, and the smaller ones are those that appeared the least. This session actually gave our group some confidence as we never thought our film would be such an hit!

*smiley face*

 Based on the feedback from our audience we received a range of thoughts on the premiere of our thriller. I'll first start with the positive of where the lighting was thought to be very suited to the films context and genre. The mise en scene was also a prospect that was appreciated as it complimented the thrillers moral and the characters portrayal, For example we established a street setting that added to the realism we wanted. We created a distorted view of the victim in which gave off the concept of her being 'out of it', this was all down to the different techniques of filming we used. For example there was a point of view shot in the alley way of where the victim was secretly holding the camera before her as she was stumbling through, this further created the allusion of her state being messy and uncontrollable.
A re-occurring negative that appeared numerously was the scream sound at the end being too fake. We initially as a group did think this but we thought it'll add an effect in which in all due respect it did, causing controversy.

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