Friday, 1 April 2011

4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract /address your audience?

I have decided to release my film through institutions, I feel this is more appropriate for our film rather than a cinematic release. I have chosen this because I feel this is more realistic for a student film release, which has been produced by an independent, low budget production company. To do this I began researching into student media work on the internet that has had good feedback, and large numbers of hits online. 

One student film that I looked at called "Concept Desrtukt" has over 3,000 hits on youtube. Below is the title sequence:

Students who created this thriller opening have used institutions of the internet to launch there film to a wider audience. They have done this through a variety of social networks, using advertising and file-sharing to gain a wider audience and get their film noticed by the public. Here are some examples of Social networks they have used and the ways in which they have used them and the ways in which we could use them:

- Posting the film on youtube
- Advertising it when viewers watch similar videos

- Sharing the video amongst friends and asking them to pass it on
- Advertising it on the sidebar, persuading people to watch and support the video (E.g. links to youtube)

- Tweeting the video to people who tweet about thrillers and new movies when the topics are trending
- Tweeting people who are in the film industry the link to the video
- Asking people on twitter to watch and pass it on

- Get support through musicians by asking them to put the video up on there page
- Asking people to watch and pass it on

- Posting the video on Vimeo
- Sharing it to friends and asking them to advertise it
- Having it advertised on the sidebars and recommended when someone watches a similar video

- Posting it on blogs and asking people to pass it on
- Asking friends and family to mention it on blogs and send the links to where people can access it

As seen above these are all ways that we intend to use to distribute our film and gain media attention. Our film will get a cinematic screening and shared screenings amongst our peers along with a DVD release of 200 copies. We have recognised that the internet is a potentially great way to reach a global audience and have decided to use social networks to promote our film. Social Networking is a phenomenon around the world, as millions of people use the internet everyday to connect with people via social networks. It is a highly affective way of getting a video out there and making it known to the public, and is a way that is hugely popular for advertising new media material and gaining a wider audience. 

Another way in which we have decided to distribute our film is through file-sharing websites e.g. Blubster, BearShare. Meaning that people will be able to download our film for free, gaining a completely new audience and getting more people involved in independent films. Also allowing them to watch the film whenever they like, and that they are able to burn it on to discs and share it amongst friends. 

Here are a few examples of how our film will look and be advertised on social networking sites. Our video has been circled in red:

An example of how our video will look posted on someones Facebook profile

An example of how our video will look posted on someones blog on Tumblr

An example of how our video will look advertised on the  'recommended for you' videos on Youtube

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