Friday, 1 April 2011

3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

Below I have created two montages of the interests and lifestyle's of two people who are the specific target audience of our thriller. Our target audience is aimed at 15+, varying from teenagers to young adults. After viewing our final thriller opening, I still agree with this as our target audience as I think it is suitable and will be attractive to young people.

Target Audience Profiles:

Amy, Aged 20, Student at the University of the Arts of London. Aspires to work in fashion in the future,  loves shopping and spending time with friends and family. Goes out clubbing in the evening with friends from uni and spends her free hours in the day studying. Lives with five other students from uni, in a flat of campus. Enjoys movie marathons, and especially murderous passion thrillers. 

Joshua, Aged 17, City and Islington College Student. Aspires to be a professional football player, loves playing football and playing video games with his friends. Goes to house parties and raves on the weekend with college friends and and spends week days at college. Lives with his mum and step-dad in North West London. Loves going to the cinema and watching thriller and horror movies with friends and family. 

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