Sunday, 3 April 2011

2) How does your product represent particular social groups?

The character 'Becky' from 'Sin City' was an inspiration for my  portrayal of the victim in  'First Glance'. Becky is a prostitute that had been caught amid some trouble, this is in many ways similar to Marissa who had previously been under the influence of some substance as she had been previously been out clubbing. The two females both have the stereotype and portrayal of appearing 'rough' and 'slutty'.

* Both females appear to be alone and vulnerable, instigating the horror that is awaiting them ahead
*Both characters attire is very much similar as they both give off the 'slag' impression
* The scenes locations are also very much the same as they both set off the impression of danger that is lurking.

* Marissa is sen as under the influence of some =thing and as a result is in no form of control of herself, however this is different to Becky who seems to be confident and aware of her actions, although she to along with Marissa is vulnerable.
* Marissa seems to come across as a stereotypical character, with her costume. Where as Becky breaks this chain and comports herself in a mannerable style, though shes dressed just like Marissa
* The lighting in both films are very different. The lighting incorporated in 'First Glance' is natural and because of this it is easy for the audience to identify with who's who. In 'Sin City' though there is only the use of black and white lighting which may confuse the audience on who is rightfully the character that should be related to, due to their current situation. 

Both characters portray the same concept of 'vulnerability', however, the way in which it is done is different. The codes of conventions are seen to be broken and used to assist the audiences emotional link with the characters, enabling them to make a decision on whether they like or dislike them.

This further establishes just how stereotypes and social groups effect the portrayal of people in the media. This later allows the audience to connect with them in a way that allows them to decide whether they favour or disike the characters on screen.

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