Friday, 8 April 2011

8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?


Making the preliminary film contributed a lot to how the final film turned out. As a group we learnt many different ways to improve our film, and how to plan perfectly how we wanted everything to turn out, and make sure that we had the ideas clear in our mind so it was easier to do, and we understood how to do it ourselves without having to ask for much help. If it wasn't for the preliminary, i think a lot of things would've gone wrong with our main film, so i'm glad we got to do both, because it was really helpful to have an idea of the things that could've happened while making our main film.


In the preliminary film, we didn't do much planning. We didn't pay much attention to Mise En Scene, or Camera Angles. We just tried to get it all done and make sure the story was there, but we didn't pay any attention to the little details that can help make a good film, great. Also during this film, we didn't pay attention to the rule the subject must always be in the middle of the frame, and there shouldn't be much space between the top of the frame, and the subject's head. Also, during the preliminary when we was putting it together and adding sound, we didn't think of putting natural sounds together. We just used long scientific sounds, which made the whole thing seem a bit fake.


The improvement of our preliminary compared to our final film is extremely obvious. In the final film, we took weeks planning out exactly what we wanted to do and how we wanted everything to look, compared to the preliminary where we only planned for about an hour at most. One of the things we spent the most time planning was Mise En Scene. We had to make sure that everything was perfect before we started filming. We chose the outfits of each character especially. We wanted it to be obvious what each character was about, and we portrayed them pretty stereotypically. The main factor in whether or not this film would have had the desired effect was the location. We knew that we had to find the perfect alleyway, or the main part of our thriller opening wouldn't look right, and the whole thing would fall apart. With some careful planning, i think that we produced a great, and effective thriller.

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