Friday, 1 April 2011

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The thriller 'Arlington road' is very much similar to my thriller 'First Glance'. It opens with the main characters continuing from an ordeal that had previously occurred, which instantly engages the audience first hand, although some may find it confusing. There is also the inclusion of low angle shots of the two very different victims who have in some way experienced some mishap. The image from "Arlington road" is of the main character running away from the police. The second bottom image is from my thriller 'First Glance' and it is of the main protagonist uneasily stumbling as she tries to find her way home in her drunken state.

The music choice used to open the thriller 'Ginger snaps' is very much in many ways similar to that of 'First Glance' as the two contrasting thrillers use instrumentals that accordingly essentuate the thrillers correct portrayal. Not only do the music choices do this but they are also accompanied with sound effects such as screams('Ginger snaps') and footsteps(First Glance')

The opening of our thriller is very much within the convention of tradition, as we start off by  establishing the location, genre and character.  With this establishment, we made our stalker stand against the stereotype of being a female instead of a typical male as to attract more audiences.This in many ways broke the convention for our film opening, because in films like ' The Fan', its seen that the 'scary stalker' is a man.


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