Friday, 1 April 2011

8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?


To conclude my evaluation I compared our preliminary film with our final film. This helped to show me the ways in which we had improved, and how affective our final cut is in comparison with our preliminary. 

Mise En Scene
In our preliminary task some of the outfits on characters are not suitable, and it is hard for the audience to understand who the character is and what their personality is like. Whereas in our final film, the audience can understand straight away who the person is and what they are seen as stereotypically e.g. the character of the stalker is covered up and wears all black. showing that she is dangerous and that her identity is hidden. Along with this the location of 'First Glance' is more successful and affective than 'The Robbery', as the busy road and isolated alley build tension and gives the audience an understanding of what is going to happen. Whereas in 'The Robbery', we filmed it at college,  meaning none of where they are is clear and it is hard for the audience to understand. There has been a huge improvement in our choice of mise en scene since doing our preliminary, 'The Robbery'. As we now understand what looks good on camera and that you have to really show the audience and make them understand what is happening and the costume and location are a huge part in doing so.

Editing and Use of Camera
One of the aspects that has improved most from our preliminary to final film, is the editing and shots. As when we were filming 'The Robbery' we were still unsure of what looked good on camera and how to film shots that portrayed the character well, whereas once we began filming 'First Glance' we had a great understanding of how to film and edit footage together so that it runs smoothly and looks professional. The editing in our prelim looks messy as the character is not always in the centre of the screen, and some shots do not link together well. Whereas in our final film, it goes together well and we have used different effects to create a higher standard of quality. For example by using the split screen, it is more interesting and eye catching than just opening on a full screen. Along with this the footage we filmed in for our prelim didn't contain many different shot types, meaning that it looked boring and we saw the same angles and shots repeated. Whereas when filming our final cut we made sure to film many different shots from different angles, making sure that we didn't make the same mistake as in our prelim. You can see in the videos, how effective this change is. 

For both films we used soundtrack pro to create the soundtrack. Creating the prelim was the first time we were able to use soundtrack pro on our own, and it was a good experience as we were able to play about with different sounds and effects to create a good sound track that went with the footage, I think our final soundtrack for the prelim was extremely effective.  This meant that when we came to producing a soundtrack for our final film it was much easier to create, and as we understood how to use the program much more we were able to create a more affective and bold soundtrack. Watching the two films, you can see a huge difference in sound as the sound in 'First Glance' is bold and goes with the footage, it takes an effect on the audience and makes a statement whereas the sound in 'The Robbery' is messy and doesn't make an impact on the audience, it just sounds like background noise. 

All in all I can see a huge improvement from our preliminary film to our final cut, and am pleased with the outcome of our final thriller title sequence. Creating the prelim was a great way of practicing our skills and improving them so that we could get the best possible outcome for our final film. This whole process has raised my standards and I have now acquired skills that I didn't have before and can now take on in the future. 



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