Sunday, 3 April 2011

3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

NAME: Kezia Strong
AGE: 19

Kezia Strong is an aspiring radio presenter who currently works part time at M&S. She takes part in a lot of work experience within the media industry. She loves shopping anywhere and everywhere. She has just previously finished her second year of college, and is now engaged to her long term boyfriend of three years. In Kez's spare time he loves watching movies especially female thrillers, where the main protagonists are female.

*Simely face*
Heyy! that's a lot like my thriller 'First Glance'.

She'd be a perfect specific target for my thriller as it'll suite her interests and her form of character. 'First Glance' is not any ordinary thriller, but is one that will empower the female; it gives off subliminal messages on gender topics.

 In her rucksack would be:

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