Friday, 8 April 2011

7) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

In the process of putting this film together, i think that i have learnt how to use many different editing programmes, and i've become more able to research specific things, and come up with exactly the right results i wanted.

Google was one of the key websites that was used to help make our thriller. We had to research all the different type of things we wanted to incorporate into our film, and find out whether or not it would work as a thriller. We looked up different camera angles used in a thriller, what type of roles each person can play, the different genre's of thrillers, and how we could put a few together, to make our own genre which was suited to our taste.

Google gave us a lot of links to Youtube videos. Some of these videos were actual thrillers which we used to get inspiration for our film. We used Youtube to look at the lightning, location, shots, and other common features which are used in thrillers. Other videos that we looked out were just about sound. We wanted to get the most realistic sounds that actually sounded like they belonged in our thriller, so that we could make it more effective.

Final Cut Pro was the main programme that put together our thriller. Before these lessons, i had no idea how to use this programme, as i'd never used it before. In using this programme to make the film, i had learnt how to cut two different clips down the middle, and put them together so that it was like one clip had been placed in the middle of another. This allowed for the range in shot movement to be shown off to it's full potential and so that we could get the best out of our film.

Another technology i'd discovered through making this film was the programme Live Type. This programme could have been used to make all the titles for our film, but instead we used Final Cut Pro because we only used simple fonts. In Live Type, you can choose from a range of fonts and backgrounds to create the perfect titles for your movie. There are a lot of different colours and effects that you can add to your text, so that it can be suitable for whatever genre your film is.

By combining all these different technologies, i have found it really easy perfecting my film. Even when i didn't know how to do something in one of the programmes such as Live Type or Final Cut, if i wrote down my problem into the Google search bar, i was given a solution almost immediately.

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