Monday, 4 April 2011

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

When we were brainstorming and coming up with ideas about how we want our film to look, and the way we wanted our people to come across, we looked to other films for inspiration. We researched how the 'typical' victims and attackers look like in thrillers. One of the films that we found inspiring for certain characters was 'The Stepfather'. I'm going to compare the murderer character from this film, to the stalker character in our film 'First Glance'.

Although in 'The Stepfather', you can see the man's face straight away, we used him as inspiration because he changes his appearance in the opening and is therefore in disguise.
He ends up making his hair all tidy, shaving his beard, taking off his glasses, and taking out his contact lenses which changed his eyes from brown to blue.
The fact that he is in disguise was inspiring for our group because we didn't want to hide the stalker person's face in our film, by having her wear a mask, so we used this idea of disguise as how we'd show her. Our disguise was to have her hooded, and in a dark light so that you could still see her face, but not completely.
This is a bit of juxtaposition because we left some light so that people could find comfort in the fact that you can still see some of her face, but also we wanted it a little bit dark so that she'd be mysterious, and also a little bit creepy. This person doesn't fit the stereotype of a stalker/murderer in a thriller movie, so it is a bit of an anti-stereotype, which makes quite a bit of an impact in this film, as stereotypes affect the way an audience member feels towards a character in a film.

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